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Island Information

Geography The Island is about 21 miles long and 5 miles across.  Vieques has a terrain of rolling hills, with a central ridge running east-west. The highest point is Monte Pirata ("Pirate Mount") at 987 feet (300 m).  The island is largely covered by brush and subtropical dry forest. Around the coast lie palm-fringed sandy beaches interspersed with lagoons, mangrove swamps, salt flats and coral reefs.


Vieques is also known as Isla Nena or Little Girl Island. The island consist of two main towns Isabel Segunda on the Atlantic side and Esperanza on the Caribbean Sea side.


Isabel Segunda or Isabel II is where most of the island's population lives. Isabel II is on the northern side of Vieques. The ferries dock in Isabel. There are several hotels in and near Isabel and multiple restaurants. The U.S. Post office, Banco Popular, Pharmacy, and government offices are located in Isabel Segunda.  However, many tourists exit the ferry dock and jump in a taxi ( publico -shared van) to Esperanza.


Esperanza is a smaller town which caters more to tourists. It is on the southern side of the island facing the Caribbean Sea. Esperanza has a delightful waterfront 'Malecon' next to a (usually) peaceful turquoise sea.  The 'tourist strip' is located across the street from the waterfront,  Esperanza known as El Malecon or “The Strip” is a favorite hang out place for visitors. The new El blok hotel marks the beginning of the strip.  The Malecon is  a picturesque location with views of Monte Pirata (the highest peak on the island), gorgeous beach, offshore cays, colorful fisherman boats on the water and warm amber sunsets.   it offers a nice selection of restaurants ranging from an all American burger, a steak house and traditional Puerto Rican food. Visit the small but interesting museum by the Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust, there are a few shopping stores, water sports businesses and Bioluminescent Bay tours leave from Esperanza at night.



Weather Rainy season is from September through November (this is a dry rather than lush island).Hurricane season is between August and September.  Water temperature averages 80 degrees.









 Getting Cash - Get  to the ATM machine EARLY or wait till later. Currency is U.S. Dollars. There is one 24 hour ATM machine located at Banco Popular on Main Street in Isabel Segunda. There are also ATM machines  at the two gas stations and two Morales grocery stores that charge a lower fee!  Most businesses take visa and mastercard.




The Post Office is also located in Isabel Segunda. A few doors down from the bank

97 Calle Munoz Rivera STE 103    Vieques, PR 00765-9998


Groceries - There are two Supermarkets, Superdescuentos Morales. They are located on Rt. 200 in Monte Santo and in downtown Isabel Segunda. These are small but well stocked grocery stores.

Pharmacy - Located in downtown Isabel Segunda almost across from the Post Office.

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Gas Stations - There are only two gas stations in Vieques and they are located on route 200 (almost right across from each other) .  Gas is brought in from the main island of Puerto Rico and there are times that the island runs out for various reasons,  lines can can also get really long  when you drive by and you don’t see a line, fill it up.


Getting Around -  If you really want to see the island RENTING a car is a must!  Make your car reservations early!  Few house rentals will come with a car. We recommend renting a Jeep or SUV. Public transportation is available in the way of "Publicos". Most of these publicos are vans but a newer taxi service uses jeeps.

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Refuge Facts http://www.fws.gov/southeast/vieques/index.html


Vieques Island features the largest and most ecologically diverse National Wildlife Refuge in the Caribbean.

Location: the refuge lands are located on the eastern and western ends of the island.

Western end established May 1, 2001; 3,100 acres. Eastern end established May 1, 2003; 14,573 acres.


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