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Welcome to GayVieques.net - Vieques, Puerto Rico          Bienvenidos to GayVieques.net!


The goal of GayVieques.net site is to provide a web site for GLBTQ  travelers that are interested in visiting Vieques.  The site however will provide ANYONE with basic information about the island. Enjoy!


Over the years word has spread through the gay community about the sheer beauty of Vieques and the relaxed atmosphere. My husband and I found it a very welcoming place.  Even though there are no official gay bars or clubs on the island, local gay community members and gay travelers can be found gathering and conversing at places such as Bannanna's in Esperanza, Tin Box,  and Roy's Cafe in Isabelle Segunda.   During our many visits we always meet and talk with many locals and vacationers.



Like we said earlier .... IF you are looking for an island that is filled with gay night clubs and bars Vieques is not that island!  Sure there are plenty of bars and eateries where you can go out and have fun but you will not find any exclusively gay bars or night clubs on the island.


One of the best things about Vieques is that there are still places on the island that offer relative privacy and solitude. Some of the beaches that we visit are all but deserted during certain times of the year.  When we visited Green Beach we had an entire point to ourselves complete with a low growing palm that offered filtered shade from the early afternoon sun. Only a few feet away were the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The island does of course get busier during the high season.


Living / Retiring

Many people in the gay community have moved to the island to live or to start a business. Land and houses on the island are still relatively inexpensive. We heard over and over though that island life can be trying because products and services are often not easy to find. Getting things done on the island can take much longer than if you lived on the main land. Our advice would be to visit the island several times and talk to a lot of people before you decide to make the island your home.


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Our friend Kelly produces an EXCELLENT magazine titled the VIEQUES INSIDER. Our web site will give you a general introduction to the island.  For a  more current and in depth look at the islands "going on's"  check out her excellent magazine!


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